Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love Motivation

Love Motivation

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interest. In the context of the philosophy of love is a good trait to inherit all the good, the feeling of compassion and affection. Another opinion, love is an action / activity performed on humans against other objects, in the form of self-sacrifice, empathy, empathy, compassion, help, follow the words, followed, submissive, and willing to perform any desired object.

Love is the meaning of words that contain adequate sense of the complex. Can be experienced by all creatures. The use of the word love is also affected during development. Words change meaning according always responses, understanding and use in the state, the position and the generation of different communities. The nature of love in the sense of the 21st century may be different than centuries ago.

In the romantic phrase, the word "Love" in algebra-disseminated to millions of words and meanings, and then emerged was the millions of poems about love.

In Ratio, love is a form of emotional liking for something that is more subtle and deep, that if the form of emotion / delight it is more rugged then called "lust" or "ambition". difference between love and lust is like the difference of his people angry and raging, smiling, laughing, cruel, barbarous, rude, brutal, desire, ambition.

Love in human life is a "word" to communicate a joy, pure and eternal love that belongs only to God, because only God has the perfection. God has created, maintain, provide endless grace to the whole universe, without the need to create "a series of words of love".

Love, endless people always think, speak, and creative premises love, so in this world there were millions, more numerous and a variety of menu-based creations of love, in all contexts of life. Love motivation plays a major role in the behavior of every human being. People who like to be creative to make the poems or poems of love, like the people who love to be creative to make a variety of new dishes. Wise words about love can provide inspiration and motivation to build.

We made ​​love since birth. For too many definitions of love. Especially films Hindustan. Love has given makeup is quite exciting. A feeling of difficult love portrayed through the words. He can only be enjoyed to experience it for yourself. Love can not be learned but experienced. Love can only be felt by our hearts.

Love is everything for people who are making love. Love becomes a bridge connecting the two originally separate hearts and do not understand each other.

Love is man's best motivation. Humans have been sown in the earth with love flyer. Love has found the back of two different hearts. Through developing relationships and love is human nature to make this the best place to live.

People who are no feelings of love are people who have lost motivation in it. Love should bear action that symbolizes gentleness, compassion and wisdom, especially in making decisions in connection with the opposite beings. Love is a vehicle to happiness.

Love comes to those who still have hope even though they have been let down. To those who still believe, even though they had been betrayed. To those who still want to love, even though they've been hurt before and to those who have the courage and conviction to reawaken faith.

Love does not teach us weak, but of power. The motivation of our lives. Love is not teaching us humiliate ourselves, but breathes bravery. Love is not discouraging, but uplifting.

You never know when you'll fall in love. But when the time comes it, reach with both hands, and do not let him go with a million flavors question mark in his heart.

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